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Electronic journals guide & help

Which journals are available?

The ejournals pages give you an up-to-date list of which journals are available.

Who can use them? How to gain access.

Your affiliation will affect which ejournals are available to you. The majority of the ejournals listed on our pages have been subscribed to at additional cost. Staff and students of UCL (including Institute of Neurology) can access those titles purchased by UCL; staff of UCLH can access those titles purchased by the NHS. Simply select the link to UCL or NHS to find out which titles are available to you. While most ejournals require a subscription, some are freely available or make some of their contents freely available (e.g. sometimes older material is freely available).

How do I log in? Do I need a password?

Publishers use various ways of controlling access to their ejournal content. They do this to keep their content secure and to make sure that access is only possible for those who have paid for a subscription.

  • NHS ejournals - the vast majority NHS ejournals require an OpenAthens password for access. See our Logging into eresources page for more information about OpenAthens. A small number of journals are only available from computers connected to the UCLH network, these will be marked on the list.
  • UCL ejournals - access to the UCL ejournals is controlled in a number of ways:

    • On-site - most publishers allow access to online journals without a password from any computer located within the UCL network. There are UCL networked computers in the library which you can use for this purpose. 
    • Off-site - for some online journals a UCL computing account is required for access, particularly when working offsite and sometimes even when working onsite. UCL staff and students should use their UCL computing account to gain access; more information about how to do this can be found at our Logging into eresources page.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with the content?

Ejournals are protected by copyright laws similar to those for printed journals.  You are also subject to the terms & conditions of use which vary from publisher to publisher. Activities such as downloading or copying multiple articles from one issue and using content for commercial purposes are almost always prohibited.  Terms and conditions for individual journals can usually be found on each ejournals website. Please contact the Library if you need further help or information.