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The Queen Square Library has a collection of over 10,000 books. The majority of our books are in print format although some online books are available (see the ebooks page). Recently purchased books are listed on our website.

How to find a book in the Queen Square Library

  • First, search Explore (the library catalogue) to find out if we have purchased the book and to locate the shelfmark.
  • Our classification scheme will help you to find the topics you need.

If a book has the location 'Neurology Store' it will be an older book, kept in our local store. Please contact us to request an item from the Neurology Store. If a book has the location 'UCL Stores', it is kept in the main UCL Stores in Essex and should be requested via the Stores Service using the Store Request Form.

Borrowing a book from the Queen Square Library

Registered users may borrow books - see our Services page for more details.

    Is the book available online?

    • ebook collections have been bought by the NHS at a national level for NHS staff and also by the university for UCL staff & students (please note that most will require you to log in).
    • many, but not all, of UCL's ebooks are listed in Explore (the library catalogue), and you can choose to limit a search to ebooks only. For those items not yet listed in the catalogue, you should visit the UCL ebooks page which provides information about the packages available.

    Do you want us to the buy the book for the Library?

    • We welcome suggestions about books to purchase for the Library. Please check Explore (the library catalogue) first to make sure that we don't already have the book(s) and then visit our book suggestion page. Wherever possible we will buy the books you suggest, but we are constrained by the limits of our budget. We will usually give higher priority to books that are of interest to more than one person.

    Is the book held in another library?

    • Search for books held by libraries outside UCL via each library's catalogue. A list of key libraries can be found via our other libraries page (including the British Library, Wellcome Library, BMA etc.)
    • To request the loan of a book from another library use the Interlibrary Loans service. This service is available to registered library users based in Queen Square and Wakefield Street (including IoN staff & students, NHNN staff, and UCL staff based in Queen Square). For more information about the service see the Interlibrary Loans page. Please note that a charge is made for this service.

    Books with CD-ROMs and DVDs

    Some books arrive with a disc inside which can be borrowed for viewing by registered library users for the same period as the associated book. Please ask for the disc at the library desk. It is not possible to use the discs on a Library computer so you will need to have your own computer with a disc-drive.

    Each disc was tested when it was received However, the lifespan of digital media is limited and software can become obsolete over time, so we cannot guarantee that the media will work. This particularly applies to older items.

    A list of the titles is below:

    Barnes (2006)Programming in ADA 2005Book kept at: WA 950 BARDisc 85
    Basner (2012)Case studies in polysomnography interpretationBook kept at: WL 108 BASDisc 141
    Ben-Yishag (2011)Handbook of holistic neuropsychological rehabilitationBook kept at: WLM 170 BENDisc 140 - kept in separate box
    Berry (2008)A practical approach to medical image processingBook kept at: WN 100 BERDisc 132
    Billo (2007)Excel for scientists and engineersBook kept at: WA 950 BILDisc 125
    Blau (2003)Physician's guide to the laboratory diagnosis of metabolic diseasesBook kept at: WD 200 BLADisc 39
    Burns (2007)Understanding nursing researchBook kept at: WY 20.5 BURDisc 113
    Collins (2009)Practical everyday EnglishBook kept at: W 20 COLDisc 108
    Cummings (2003)Neuropsychiatry of Alzheimer's diseaseBook kept at: WM 102 CUMDisc 77
    Espay (2012)Common movement disorders pitfallsBook kept at: WE 105 ESPDisc 38
    Fahn (2007)Principles and practice of movement disordersBook kept at: WE 105 FAHDisc 56
    Gates (2010)Clinical neurology: a primerBook kept at: WL 140 GATDisc 136
    Goadsby (2005)Chronic daily headache for cliniciansBook kept at: WL 344 GOADisc 4
    Goetz (2008)Textbook of clinical neurologyBook kept at: WL 140 GOEDisc 92
    Harrison (2007)Fatigue management for people with MSBook kept at: WL 360 HARDisc 120
    Haynes (2006)Clinical epidemiologyBook kept at: WA 900 HAYDisc 43
    Heimer (2008)Anatomy of neuropsychiatryBook kept at: WM 102 HEIDisc 25
    Ilg (2010)Dynamics of visual motion processingBook kept at: WW 105 ILGDisc 137
    Kalender (2011)Computed tomographyBook kept at: WN 206 KALDisc 80
    Kendall (2005)Muscles, testing and function with posture and painBook kept at: WE 102 KENDisc 20
    Kimura (2013)Electrodiagnosis in diseases of nerve and muscleBook kept at: WL 141.8 KIMDisc 5
    Longo (2012)Harrison's principles of internal medicineBook kept at: WB 115 LONDisc 119
    Lozano (2009)Textbook of stereotactic and functional neurosurgeryBook kept at: WO 515 LOZDisc 16
    Mai (2007)Atlas of the human brainBook kept at: QSN 17 MAIDisc 124
    McLendon (2006)Russell & Rubinstein's pathology of tumors of the nervous systemBook kept at: QZ 200 MCLDisc 40
    Anon (2000)Medical MasterclassBook kept at: W 18 ROYDisc 111 & 112
    Morel (2007)Stereotactic atlas of the human thalamusBook kept at: QSN 17 MORDisc 87
    Murphy (2008)Janeway's immunobiologyBook kept at: QW 504 MURDisc 135
    Nicholl (2003)Clinical neurologyStandalone disc (no book)Disc 18 - kept in separate box
    Norusis (2008)SPSS statistics 17.0: statistical procedures companionBook kept at: WA 950 NORDisc 130
    Norusis (2008)SPSS statistics 17.0: advanced statistical procedures companionBook kept at: WA 950 NORDisc 131
    Norusis (2008)SPSS statistics 17.0: guide to data analysisBook kept at: WA 950 NORDisc 129
    Panayiotopoulos (2005)The epilepsiesBook kept at: WL 385 PANDisc 83
    Perkin (1995)Atlas of clinical neurologyStandalong disc (no book)Disc 17 - kept in separate box
    Polit (2008)Nursing researchBook kept at: WY 20.5 POLDisc 86
    Rosenberg (2009)Atlas of clinical neurologyBook kept at: WL 140 ROS (oversize)Disc 134
    Sawle (1999)Movement disorders in clinical practiceBook kept at: WE 105 SAWDisc 27 & 34
    Schapira (2007)Neurology & clinical neuroscienceBook kept at: WL 140 SCHDisc 75 & 76
    Schmahmann (2000)MRI atlas of the human cerebellumBook kept at: QTN 230 SCHDisc 33
    Semmlow (2008)Biosignal & medical image processingBook kept at: WN 180 SEMDisc 36 & 61
    Shaibani (2014)A video atlas of neuromuscular disordersBook kept at: WE 550 SHADisc 30 & 31
    Siegel (2006)Basic neurochemistryBook kept at: QU 4 SIEDisc 55
    Syrimis (2006)Clinical examinations 5: peripheral nervous system examinationStandalone disc (no book)Disc 138 - kept in separate box
    Syrimis (2006)Clinical examination 6: cranial nerves examinationStandalone disc (no book)Disc 139 - kept in separate box
    Taylor (2008)Fundamentals of nursingBook kept at: WY 100 TAYDisc 42
    van Drongelen (2007)Signal processing for neuroscientistsBook kept at: WA 960 DRODisc 133
    Wormald (2004)Evidence-based ophthalmologyBook kept at: WW 140 WORDisc 7