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Neurology 2021: leading edge neurology for the practising clinician

"Excellently organised remote course with such a knowledgeable range of speakers providing wonderful updates and perspectives in Neurology." Dr Ravi Farmah

"I found the course very useful and really enjoyed the wide range of the lectures with such excellent speakers and content. It was well organised, the lectures were not too long and the programme was well thought out and flowed well.  I especially enjoyed the lecture from Prof Lees, which I found very inspiring coming so early on in my career. I also really enjoyed the video session from Prof Bhatia and the MRI imaging session which was very informative and interactive. I would highly recommend the course and hope to attend again next year!" Dr Viva Levee

"The Leading Edge Neurology conference 2021 provided an excellent, practically-grounded overview on how to approach a variety of both common and challenging neurological conditions. Effortlessly bridging the divide between neuroscience research and clinical practice, it featured engaging talks by a number of inspirational clinicians and evidence-based discussions on contemporary management paradigms. Combining didactic lectures with an open, interactive environment, the Leading Edge Neurology conference is ideal for those who treat neurology patients on a daily basis, and I highly recommend the course to all those with an interest in clinical neurology." Dr Anthony Khoo

Pre-Course Symposium: Preparing for the Speciality Certificate Exam 

What did you like about the course?
It was very well taught, provided by an expert panel with experience of exam question writing. Covered key areas of the curriculum with relevant practice questions.

What where the benefits?
The course acted as a stimulus to kickstart my own revision and provide a focus on key areas I needed for the exam which was very helpful as the curriculum is so wide spread it is a daunting task to know where to start.

Quality of teaching?
Very good - exam focussed lectures that brought out key points from each area that are often tested.

Was it helpful for the final exam?
Most definitely, also being the only course available in the UK it is a must for every candidate.

Any other comments?
The course booklet provided alongside with the course was a brilliant revision aid as it provided all the key areas that are testable and really made a huge difference to my revision and how I went about using it as a guide to build on other key topics. I highly applaud Dr Saifee for taking the time and effort in putting the booklet together! It is the revision guide for the SCE.

Dr Gauhar Malik, 2017