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Brain meeting: Dr. Chris Baker

20 February 2019, 3:15 pm–4:15 pm

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Making sense of real world scenes

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Sam Ereira, Nadine Graedel and Dina Spano


4th floor seminar room, WCHN
12 Queen Square
Queen Square
United Kingdom

Brain meeting

Host: Dr. Tamar Makin

The goal of the human visual system is to extract behaviorally-relevant information from complex visual environments

(scenes) to perform a multitude of tasks. In this talk, I will present recent work from my lab investigating both the perception and memory of such real world scenes. First, I will show how we have used variety of different neuroimaging and computational approaches to reveal what visual and functional properties are represented in different brain regions that have been implicated in scene perception. Second, I will present evidence for distinct perceptual and memory networks in human medial parietal cortex, with a dissociation between regions engaged during memory recall of people and places. Finally, I will show how we can uncover what aspects of real world scenes are held in memory by analyzing thousands of drawings from a free recall task. Collectively, these studies provide important insights into how we understand real world scenes.


Please join us for drinks after the seminar at the Queen's Larder (Second floor)

About the Speaker

Dr. Chris Baker

at National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health (USA)