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 About us

The IoN Athena SWAN Self-Assessement Committee is united in:

  • Our belief that Academia can only reach its full potential when it is inclusive of all talents and voices.
  • Our commitment to promote fairness, equality, diversity and inclusion locally within the Institute of Neurology and in UCL at large.


Our vision

A workplace that values all colleagues in word and action.

A friendly and inclusive environment, free of prejudice, where employees and students are able to feel comfortable, respected, listened to, supported and valued.

An environment where policies, procedures and processes are accessible, clear, transparent and fair.


We want to ensure that staff and students in our Institute can expect to:

  • Feel safe
  • Be respected. 
  • Feel worthy. 
  • Be treated fairly.
  • Be listened to.
  • Be treated as an individual.
  • Be supported to learn, develop and progress. 
  • Be supported to balance work, life out-of-work and other responsabilities (e.g. caring roles)
  • Have a clear understanding of what is expected in their roles, and how 'sucess' is assessed.
  • Have clarity on who is available for advice and help and when they can be consulted.
  • Work in a safe space where individuals of any background can reach their full potential.


Our Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Committee


 IoN Athena SWAN leads 


Professor Elizabeth Fisher

Professor of Neurogenetics, Department of Neuromuscular Diseases.

"The most creative spaces can also be the most diverse spaces and the Institute takes care that everyone is included and treated fairly, including by mentoring and providing careers guidance.  We know life and work can make a complex mix for all of us, and by committing to the people that make up our Institute and supporting them, we create an inclusive forward looking environment."


Professor Nicholas Wood 

Professor of Clinical Neurogenetics, Department of Clinical and Movement Neurosciences.


    IoN Athena SWAN Project Manager


    IoN Athena SWAN Committee members

    Our work

    The IoN Athena SWAN committee aims to embed equality, diversity and inclusion practices into the everyday aspects of our Institute's policy and culture. 

    In preparation to our 2019 Athena SWAN Award application, we have analysed the evidence, identified the pain-points and barriers in our Institute and devised our Athena SWAN Action Plan. In this Action Plan we identified the areas of priorirty and set out the immediate steps IoN will take to ensure our efforts and actions are effective and positively contribute to staff and student experiences.

    Our work will be focused on different areas for development critical to equality, and our team is divided into nine different Action Groups:

    1. Leadership & Policy
    2. Students & Education
    3. Career Development for Staff
    4. Mentoring Programme
    5. Culture & Wellbeing
    6. Parents & Carers
    7. Communications
    8. Intersectionality
    9. Data and Evidence