UCL Institute of Neurology


Laura O'Sullivan from England, MSc in Clinical Neuroscience


What was your previous qualification?

I’ve got a BSc in Neuroscience from UCL.

Why did you choose to do the MSc in Clinical Neuroscience?

It was a logical progression for me and I wanted to focus more on the clinical aspects of neuroscience.

How will your career benefit from this course?

The course covers all elements in the field of neuroscience. It actually covers more than I thought it would! And it’s not just neuroscience I’ve learnt more about. I’ve also learnt how to become a scientist. I’ve made links with some of the best people in the field and I think this will be useful for my aspirations to do a PhD.

What is studying at the Institute of Neurology – UCL – like?

I just like being here. It always feels like cutting-edge science and it’s lovely to study with a mix of people from different countries and backgrounds.

How do you feel about the research project which is part of the course?

The research project gives you an idea of what the environment would be like if you chose to pursue a career in research. The lecturers are clearly enthusiastic about their subject/research areas and that comes through in their teaching. This has motivated me to want to do further research and improve my skills. Here, at Queen Square, I feel that the ongoing research fits in very well with the Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery next door. You can see where your research might benefit patients.

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