UCL Institute of Neurology


Hrishikesh Kumar from India, Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Neurology


What qualifications do you have?

I’m a postgraduate in general medicine and have a doctorate in neurology; each of them involved three years of residency. Before joining this course I worked in a corporate hospital in India as a neurologist for approximately two years.

Why did you apply for the programme?

I wanted to get exposure to the cohort of patients in this part of the world. The Institute being a sort of Mecca of neurology, I also wanted to get first hand experience about the approach to diagnosis and treatment of the patients here. In terms of my career, the Postgraduate Diploma has helped me become more research orientated and has opened new academic vistas for me.

Have your expectations been met?

Absolutely. We’ve had a very well structured curriculum that combines lectures, ward rounds, bedside teaching and CPCs (clinico-pathological conferences). In the lectures, there was a balanced emphasis on basic as well as clinical neurology. I was able to further consolidate my interest in Parkinsons Disease by attending clinics and by continuing as a clinical attachment in movement disorders. During my time as a Diploma student, I also got the opportunity to co-author an article in a prestigious neurology journal with a Professor, who is an internationally acclaimed authority on Parkinsons Disease and movement disorders.

How was the support you got, both academic and administrative?

The scientists and clinicians were very nice and approachable and were always keen to help. The registrars also had a friendly and helpful disposition. The medical library is really good, and the staff do their best to help the students. It’s also great to have the Education Unit on the campus as they are very efficient in all matters.

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