Evoked potential recording, Wellcome Images 2012 outright winner, Copyright UCL ION/UCLH NHNN Medical Illustration 2013

Electives for medical students

The Institute of Neurology is able to offer a limited number of undergraduate Elective placements, to final year medical students from the UK and abroad, which are booking at least 18 months in advance. These placements are not strictly structured - it is advisable to be as pro-active as possible. It is up to the individual student to choose the activities they wish to attend, within their assigned clinical group/formal teaching programme, which would most benefit them during their placement.  

Students are not permitted to treat or undertake any invasive procedures (i.e. taking blood/administering treatment) on patients, even if supervised.

Please note: there is no formal teaching during the Christmas/New Year, Easter holidays and from mid- July to mid-September.

Consultants and other clinical staff normally take holidays during the month of August, and as such clinical activities are limited - you are advised not to apply at this time.

Students from non-EU countries will require a tier 4 Visa letter to enter the UK; a TOEFL or IELTS English language test certificate is also required from non-English speaking students.

Further information is available on request from Miss Jean Reynolds in the Education Unit. Please email jean.reynolds@ucl.ac.uk