UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Dr Zane Jaunmuktane, Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist

Dr Zane Jaunmuktane is an academic neuropathologist and divides her time between the Division of Neuropathology and the Queen Square Brain Bank for Neurological disorders.

Activities in the Division of Neuropathology

Dr Jaunmuktane shares her routine surgical neuropathology diagnostic workload with all other consultants in the Division of Neuropathology. She shares her peripheral nerve biopsy and molecular neuropathology reporting with Prof Brandner. Dr Jaunmuktane is also expert in the post mortem analysis of cases with suspected prion disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, CJD).

Activities in the Queen Square Brain Bank

Dr Jaunmuktane is one of two consultant neuropathologists at QSBB. Jointly with Prof Holton, she examines the brains donated to QSBB.

Research interests

Dr Jaunmuktane’s main research interest is into neurodegenerative diseases. She is particularly interested in the proteopathic seed transmission in humans and mechanisms underlying selective regional vulnerability of neurodegenerative diseases. Together with Prof Brandner and the team from the UCL Institute of Prion diseases led by Prof John Collinge, she was the first to demonstrate the evidence of human transmission of Amyloid β in patients who had received growth hormone derived from cadavers-(Nature, 2015). Following this discovery she also showed that Amyloid β may be transmitted through neurosurgery and leads to the development of cerebral amyloid angiopathy and intracerebral bleeds (Acta Neuropathologica, 2018).

Dr Jaunmuktane’s research interest also extends to molecular neurooncology.

National Committees

Dr Jaunmuktane is deputy neuropathology training lead to Dr Monika Hofer (Oxford) at the Royal College of Pathologists. Dr Jaunmuktane is an active member of the British Neuropathological Society and she is actively involved in several international societies, such as the International Society of Neuropathologists, the European Society of Pathologists and the Baltic Association of Neuropathologists. 

Editorial Commitments

Dr Jaunmuktane is member of the editorial board of Acta Neuropathologica.