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Prof Huw Morris

Prof Huw Morris



Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Institute of Neurology
Upper 3rd Floor, Royal Free Hospital


  • Professor of Clinical Neurosciences
    Clinical Neuroscience
    Institute of Neurology

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Research Themes

Current areas of research: neurogenetics; movement disorders; dementia; genetics and pathology of tauopathies like PSP and CBD; clinical features and genetics of early onset and familial Parkinson’s.

Current projects:
1. Genetics in early onset and familial Parkinson’s: leading a large-scale family-based genetic study of Parkinson’s disease, focusing on early onset and familial Parkinson’s. This will involve genetic analysis directed towards small families for monogenic gene discovery research. Aims to identify new families where both affected and unaffected individuals are prepared to participate in neurogenetics research.

2. Genetics and pathology of PSP and CBD: leading a longitudinal UK-wide study of PSP, CBD and MSA with the aim to: i.) improve the diagnosis of early PSP, CBD and MSA, ii.) develop markers, which can assist with early diagnoses, monitoring disease progression and understanding pathogenesis, iii.) establish a cohort of carefully studied patients for future studies and improve the understanding of the longitudinal progression of the disease and the emergence of the prototypic neurological syndromes.

3. Visual cognition in Parkinson’s disease: examining visual processes in patients with Parkinson’s compared to healthy controls.

4. European Registry for CBD:  building a European network of patients with CBS who will be available for future therapeutic, biomarker, genetic and clinico-pathological studies.


Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at UCL Institute of Neurology (ION), Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the Royal Free Hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN).


He was Professor and Senior Lecturer in Neurology and Neurogenetics at Cardiff University, the Royal Gwent Hospital and the University Hospital of Wales from 2003-2013. His clinical and research training took place at the National Hospital, the Mayo Clinic and the Western Pacific island of Guam. His main interests are Neurogenetics, Movement Disorders and Dementia.  He led a community based study of early onset PD in South Wales, is a Co-Investigator on the PROBAND/Tracking Parkinson’s study and is leading a UK-wide longitudinal study of PSP and CBD.  He is interested in the genetics and pathology of tauopathies like PSP and CBD, in early onset and familial Parkinson’s and using this research to develop new treatments for patients with these diseases.


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