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Dr Atul Kumaratul.kumar@nhs.net020 344 84731
Dr Miren Aizpuruamaizpurua@nhs.net020 344 84731
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Sharon Snook


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Ms. Sudi Ansarinia (PA Dr Jaunmuktane)s.ansarinia@ucl.ac.uk020 3448 4391
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Mrs Angela Richard-Loendt


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Mr. Derek Marsdonderek.marsdon@uclh.nhs.uk020 344 84236
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Mr. Juan Tapia-Ibarrajuan.tapia-ibarra@uclh.nhs.uk020 344 84236
Ms Monika Dutt (Mol Path)


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Dr Nirosha Suraweera (Mol Path)


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Electron Microscopy
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Ms. Kerrie Vennerk.venner@ucl.ac.uk020 344 84287
Dr. Mike Grovesm.groves@ucl.ac.uk
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Dubowitz Neuromuscular Centre
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Dr. Rahul Phadkerahul.phadke@uclh.nhs.uk020 344 84393
Dr. Lucy Fenglucy.feng@ucl.ac.uk020 344 84235
Mr. Darren Chambersdarren.chambers@gosh.nhs.uk020 344 84235
Mr. Lee Martindalelee.martindale@gosh.nhs.uk020 344 84235
Research (Professor Brandner)
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  Image Analyst 020 344 84150 
Dr Tian Yu Senior Research Associate020 344 84243 
Ms Joanne Laujoanne.lau@ucl.ac.ukSenior Technician020 344 84288 
Mr James Innesjames.innes.17@ucl.ac.ukPhD Student  
Ms Raquel Fonsecar.fonseca@ucl.ac.ukPhD Student  
Ms Tedani El- Hasantedani.el-hasan@uclh.nhs.ukBrain Tumour Bank Coordinator020 344 84288 
Ms Natasha Aleyt.aley@ucl.ac.ukBrain Tumour Bank Coordinator020 344 84288 


Research (UCL IQPath Experimental Histology Facility)
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Ms. Francesca Launchburyf.launchbury@ucl.ac.uk020 344 84492
Mr Daniel Gharaid.gharai@ucl.ac.uk020 344 84492
Research (Prof Thom)
Dr. Joan Liujoan.liu@ucl.ac.uk
Dr. Smriti Patodias.patodia@ucl.ac.uk
Dr. Alyma Somania.somani@ucl.ac.uk




Dr Zane Jaunmuktane


Research and teaching

My research interest is the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders. I am leading research projects looking at clinical phenotype- genotype-pathology correlations in prion disease, cerebral amyloid angiopathy and rare genetic neurodegenerative diseases, such as HDLS due to mutations in the CSF1R gene and CARASIL. In a study of iatrogenic prion disease, published in Nature we demonstrated that amyloid-β proteopathic seeds may be transmissible in humans through medical procedures. 

In my teaching and training I contribute to regular neuropathology teaching to undergraduate students, visiting students and fellows in the Division, and give lectures to postgraduate fellows.

Diagnostic Neuropathology

Surgical neuropathology: in rotation with the consultants in the Division, I report the entire spectrum of surgical neuropathology cases from the NHNN and referring institutions.

Molecular Neuropathology: I report Molecular neuropathology cases from our hospital (NHNN) and referred cases, jointly with Professor Brandner. Jointly, we report approximately 1000 cases annually.

Peripheral nerve biopsies: jointly with Professor Brandner, I report peripheral nerve biopsies, encompassing the entire spectrum of neuropathies, but with a focus on inflammatory neuropathies and amyloid neuropathies.

Key publications

1. Jaunmuktane Z, Mead S, Ellis M, Wadsworth JD, Nicoll AJ, Kenny J, Launchbury F, Linehan J, Richard-Loendt A, Walker AS, Rudge P, Collinge J, Brandner S. Evidence for human transmission of amyloid-beta pathology and cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Nature. 2015;525(7568):247-50

2. Rudge P, Jaunmuktane Z, Adlard P, Bjurstrom N, Caine D, Lowe J, Norsworthy P, Hummerich H, Druyeh R, Wadsworth JD, Brandner S, Hyare H, Mead S, Collinge J. Iatrogenic CJD due to pituitary-derived growth hormone with genetically determined incubation times of up to 40 years. Brain. 2015 Nov;138(Pt 11):3386-99

3. Khaleeli Z, Jaunmuktane Z, Beaufort N, Houlden H, Haffner C, Brandner S, Dichgans M, Werring D. A novel HTRA1 exon 2 mutation causes loss of protease activity in a Pakistani CARASIL patient. J Neurol. 2015 May;262(5):1369-72

4. Lynch DS, Jaunmuktane Z, Sheerin UM, Phadke R, Brandner S, Milonas I, Dean A, Bajaj N, McNicholas N, Costello D, Cronin S, McGuigan C, Rossor M, Fox N, Murphy E, Chataway J, Houlden H. Hereditary leukoencephalopathy with axonal spheroids: a spectrum of phenotypes from CNS vasculitis to parkinsonism in an adult onset leukodystrophy series. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2015 May 2

5. Charidimou A, Jaunmuktane Z, Baron JC, Burnell M, Varlet P, Peeters A, Xuereb J, Jäger R, Brandner S, Werring DJ. White matter perivascular spaces: An MRI marker in pathology-proven cerebral amyloid angiopathy? Neurology. 2014 Jan 7;82(1):57-6