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**Upcoming symposium on 30 October, 2017**

Clearing the Brain: Protein Clearance in Neurodegenerative Disease

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Previous symposia 


  • Neurodegeneration: Biomarkers and disease
  • Neurodegeneration: Using genetics to understand pathogenesis and facilitate early diagnosis 
  • Inflammation and immunology: The solution to neurodegenerative disease?

We live streamed the Inflammation and immunology symposium and the recordings are available below. 

Please note that some talks were not recorded at the speaker's request. 

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Session 1

Michael Heneka [held until published], 'Innate Immune Activation in Alzheimer’s disease - a potential therapeutic target?

Jenny Pocock, 'Linking GWAS and inflammation in AD - what we now know about microglial function' 

[Ken Smith's talk was not recorded at his request]

Neuroinflammation Session 1

Session 2

Mike Zandi, 'Autoimmune synaptic disorders and implications for treating inflammation in Alzheimer's Disease'  

Rita Guerreiro, 'The TREM2 story in dementia'  [edited until published]

Ione Woollacott, 'The progranulin story and the role of inflammation in FTD'  

Neuroinflammation Symposium- Session 2

Session 3

Keynote lectures: 

Diego Gomez-Nicola, 'Microglial dynamics in health and disease' 

[Roger Nitsch's talk was not recorded at his request] 

Neuroinflammation Symposium- Session 3