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Queen Square Alumnus Association newsletter Issue 11

This is the eleventh edition of the Alumnus Association newsletter and we have now moved online! I very much hope that you enjoy this move to a more interactive format.

In this edition of the newsletter our interview is with Professor Michael Trimble.  We have an article written Mrs Janet Townsend on her time in the students office (in between the retirement of Pat Harris and the formation of the Education Unit) along with news from the Institute and updates from the archives.

I would like to highlight that old editions of the Queen Square Alumnus Association newsletter produced by Miss Pat Harris, are now available in PDF format on the Queen Square Alumni website https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ion/education/alumnusassociation/archivenewsletters. I would also like to draw people's attention to the work in progress that is the Institute of Neurology History pages http://www.ucl.ac.uk/ion/about/history. As always feedback is greatly appreciated and don't hesitate to get in touch with suggestions.

I would like to thank those members of the Alumnus Association who responded to the recent survey request regarding what people want from an Alumnus organisation and what is thought of as interesting in terms of the newsletter. Of the respondents it seemed that what is offered in the newsletter is of interest, which is good to hear, but that there are some areas in which people would like to receive more information. People also expressed an interest in a one day conference with a reunion event, evening lectures and a dedicated Alumni facebook page. All of these ideas are interesting and we will look to see if we can offer some or all of these to you as Queen Square Alumni.

I would like to thank the following people, without whom this edition of the newsletter would not have been possible; Professsor Michael Trimble for his interview; Mrs Marilyn Blundred for her attention to detail in proof reading this edition; Ms Sarah Lawson and Mr George Kaim for Queen Square Library and Archive material, and the Queen Square Library for photographs used in this edition.

I hope you enjoy reading the eleventh edition of the Queen Square Alumnus Association newsletter.

Interview with Professor Michael Trimble

Education at the Institute of Neurology

Queen Square archives

Photos from our archives


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