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An invitation to join the Queen Square Alumnus Association

Pat Harris

Miss Pat Harris, founder of the Queen Square Alumnus Association.

Old editions of the newsletter

Photos from the Queen Square Alumnus Association meeting July 2013

The Queen Square Alumnus Association was established in 1989 in order to foster a collegiate spirit in people who have undertaken part of their training at Queen Square. It is an international association, and organises periodic meetings of Alumni at appropriate international gatherings. Members receive a comprehensive e-newsletter three times a year.

In addition, members are entitled to document delivery services from the Queen Square Library.

Membership is free for people who have studied, trained or worked at Queen Square.

Applications to join and enquiries about the association are welcome from those working in the field of neurological and basic sciences, who have trained at Queen Square. All data is stored in accrdance with UCL privacy notice and data is securely stored and only accessible to staff with permission to view that information. The only information that is stored is the e-mail address at which you wish to recieve updates about the Queen Square Alumnus Association. You can also indicate if you wish to be informed of any courses that are run at the Institute. 

To register please contact the Alumnus secretary, Mr David Blundred d.blundred@ucl.ac.uk

Queen Square Alumnus Association Meeting July 2013