ION-DRI Programme


Meet the Team: Faith Ebhojiaye

Faith Ebhojiaye is Data Support Officer on the ION-DRI Programme

Faith Ebhojiaye

In 2023, I joined University College London (UCL) as a Data Support Officer for the Institute of Neurology - Dementia Research Institute (IoN-DRI) programme. I work closely with Lee Stanyer on several initiatives, including the Asset Management and Cross-Charging initiative, the Sample Processing and Biorepository, and Cryostore initiative.

Asset Management and Cross-Charging initiative focuses on the comprehensive tracking and management of Assets within the IoN. The goal is to ensure that all Assets  moving to Gray’s inn road are accurately recorded, tracked, and cross-charged  appropriately to streamline operations and financial accountability.

Sample Processing and Biorepository Initiative  aims to optimize the processing and storage of biological samples by ensuring that all samples within the IoN are captured accurately into the new software through meticulous data migration processes that will  support the integrity and accessibility of crucial research data.

I am enthusiastic and thrilled to be part of such transformative initiatives. 

My first task has been to collect information on all of IoN’s assets and samples that are moving to Grays Inn Road. This involved collaborating with the departments to collate information, ensuring data completeness, and, in some cases, directly checking information relating to equipment in the labs.

We are currently at the stage of loading close to 3000 assets into the new Assets Infinity software and working closely with the sample management pilot working group to migrate over three million samples into the new sample management software, FreezerPro.

I hold a degree in Biochemistry and an MBA, and I have worked in financial institutions and consultancy firms, which has equipped me with a strong commitment to scientific inquiry and business acumen. When this role at IoN came up, I was keen to return to the science field and learn more about research. Having worked on several projects, I was also interested in learning new things, exploring new software, and being involved in science from a more technical perspective.

I am enthusiastic and thrilled to be part of such transformative initiatives. This process is critical for maintaining accurate records and enhancing the efficiency of research operations. My favourite aspect of the job has been learning new software and collaborating with many people across IoN.

The biggest challenge has been dealing with large volume of data and getting data from various departments, as most are busy with experiments. However, they have been very responsive in sending their data across.

I am looking forward to a successful deployment of these initiatives before the final move to Grays Inn Road. I aim for a seamless transition and full integration of new systems that will empower  researchers with reliable data management tools, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and impact of their research efforts.