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Fees and Funding information

About your fees

The information below looks at how and when you should pay your tuition fees, how much the fees will be, and how to access funding to help you pay for your fees and living expenses while you're studying with us. There's also information about what support UCL can provide and how you can manage your budgets.


On the above website you will also find information on:

  • Fund your studies
  • Fees schedules
  • When to pay your tuition fees
  • How to pay your tuition fess
  • Pay your fees
  • Manage your money
  • Financial support from UCL
  • How UCL uses tuition fees

Funding your studies

Find out about funding available to students including loans, scholarships and bursaries for specific subject areas.

Fee schedules

Fee schedules provide details of tuition fees for each programme offered by UCL. You can search for specific programmes and the fees shown are full-time and /or part-time study.

When to pay your tuition fees 

Autumn starters must pay as least one third of your fee amount before 31 October, or you may be prevented from enrolling or accessing academic services https://www.ucl.ac.uk/students/fees/pay-your-fees/when-to-pay

How to pay your tuition fees

The below website explains how you can find out what your programme will cost and the different ways you can pay your tuition fees. You need to make sure you’ve paid your fees, however they’re funded, by the published deadlines or you may not be able to continue your studies with us. Find out what you need to do and how much you need to pay by when;

Advice and information to help you get a grip on your money issues.

How UCL use tuition fees

See on the below website how much UCL’s income comes from tuition fees, and how it is used to ensure the best possible student experience.

Manage your money
Make sure that money worries aren’t distracting you from your studies or spoiling your time at University with our guides to managing your finances.

Financial support from UCL
We have some schemes to help students who are facing financial difficulties and we provide

What is a Change of Circumstance (COC)
If a student makes a change to their programme or registration status during the course of the academic year, for example, they interrupt their studies, change mode of attendance (MoA) or decide to apply to import credits from previous study and they are in possession of a student loan, it is important that the Student Loans Company (SLC) is notified.  A CoC will need to be processed by your Faculty.  The CoC cannot be processed until the student record has been updated by the university student records department. Once this has been completed the student casework team will process your CoC and notify the SLC of the change to programme.  The SLC will then update their records and the student loan will either be ‘frozen’ in the case of an interruption or withdrawn in some cases of change to MoA or APL. In the case of interruptions, another CoC will be processed when the student returns from their interruption and the student loan will continue.

It is important to note that if you are registered as a full-time or part-time student and you interrupt or withdraw as follows you may owe fees: within 2 weeks of term 1, you will not incur any fees



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If you have any questions about the CoC process, please email ioe-studentcasework@ucl.ac.uk