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Recommended Training for Students

There are a number of pre-programme training courses available, which we recommend you take either before the start of term or during term 1.

DigiLearn Online (recommended)

UCL ISD has launched DigiLearn Online which is aimed at providing students a resource for online videos on key applications. The series of teams sessions run through the video and have Q&A sessions with local IT staff. Students can reserve their space. 

The course explores this approach and offers a practical opportunity for both new and returning students to experience an online course before the new term begins. It’s designed with a range of content and learning activities that:

•    Ensure you have the tech you need
•    Demonstrate how to use our core learning technologies
•    Help you find and use academic resources
•    Explore studying on campus
•    Guide you towards help and support, and
•    Enable you to become a confident and motivated Connected Learner

Introduction to Academic Integrity course on Moodle (required)

This course is designed to support:

•     reflections on current practices around academic integrity
•     providing a better understanding of academic integrity and academic misconduct
•     fostering conversations between staff and students about academic integrity
•     developing practical strategies to build a culture of academic integrity.

As such, you undertake all of the activities on your own, but there will be certain elements that you will be discussing in your modules, and indeed, you are strongly encouraged to check with your module leaders to clarify the details applicable for their specific module.

UCL Online Library Induction (recommended) 

Getting Started with UCL Library Services: Online Induction' introduces everything you need to know to get started with accessing and using library resources, online and in our libraries, the services available to you remotely and on site, and training and support that is available.

UCL Data Protection and GDPR for PG and PGT students (mandatory)

This page provides UCL students with details on how to access UCLs online GDPR Masters level & Undergraduate training, the training should be completed by all students regardless of whether they process personal data.  In addition, all students who process personal data for research purposes must then complete the further UCL Data Protection Research Training listed below.

UCL Data Protection Research (Supplementary to Mandatory training & required for all staff & students using personal data) 

This page provides UCL staff and students with details on how to access UCLs online Data Protection Training for Staff & Students.  The training must be competed by anyone who processes personal data for research, including Professional Services staff.