Institute of Education


Process for reviewing IOE Masters and Undergraduate student ethics applications

  1. Student accesses most up to date forms and guidance from the UCL Institute of Education Research Ethics Committee website
  2. Student submits their completed/revised student ethics application form to their supervisor.
  3. Student’s application form is reviewed by their supervisor and one other member of the course team.
  4. Application approved by both reviewers. If YES then go to point 5. If NO, then go to point 7.
  5. The supervisor will notify the student and record any comments/decisions on the form. 
  6. Student submits a copy of the completed approved application to their course administrator.
  7. The supervisor will discuss any issues with the student and return the form to the student for revision. The IOE Research Ethics Committee can be contacted for guidance by either of the reviewers at any point.

If the reviewers and the student cannot come to an agreement of the revisions needed, the reviewers should state the issues on the student's application form, and then pass the details to the IOE Research Ethics Committee for consideration.

All students should familiarise themselves with the GDPR guidelines if using personal data in their research. Further information and guidance are available on the IOE Research Ethics Committee website. Students should also refer to the consent form and information sheet templates when seeking participant consent, also available on the website.