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Scratchmaths curriculum materials

The ScratchMaths intervention is designed to be delivered over two years, with 3 modules of activities per year. The materials have been developed following an iterative design research approach, with the majority of activities tested and refined in our design schools prior to the start of the efficacy trial as well as in response to feedback during the initial professional development.

All curriculum materials developed through the SM project are freely available to download below.

There have been many people who have contributed to the development and testing of the ScratchMaths curriculum materials including:

  • The UCL Knowledge Lab team: Professor Richard Noss, Professor Dame Celia Hoyles, Professor Ivan Kalas, Piers Saunders, Dr Laura Benton, Johanna Carvajal and Professor Dave Pratt
  • Design Schools: Monique Darrell and Granton Primary School, Craig Cairns and Eleanor Palmer Primary School, Conor Loughney and Justin Bioletti and Torriano Junior School, Gemma-Louise Blair and Beccy Doak and Hill Mead Primary School.
  • Local Coordinators: Gareth Griffiths, Jill Gosnay, Joe Halloran, Julia Briggs, Katie John, Paul Scott and Ruth Trundley.

We have had a lot of positive feedback from the teachers who have been involved in the trial and are already using the ScratchMaths materials:

" “ScratchMaths is enabling us to work efficiently to deliver both mathematics investigative learning as well as coding in a way that matches suitable levels of scaffold and challenge in both disciplines.” - Year 5 Teacher, Devon
" “My pupils have enjoyed using ScratchMaths and as a teacher it has been great to know that the children are receiving high quality provision” - Year 6 Teacher, Somerset
" “The children really enjoyed the ScratchMaths lessons. I feel it had a positive affect on their attitudes to Maths” - Year 5 Teacher, Cheshire
Curriculum overview
Year 5 Modules (1-3)
Year 6 Modules (4-6)
Professional Development
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