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2022 Outputs

Research outputs from the IOE Early Career Impact Fellowship programme's 2022 Impact Fellows.

 See What I’m Saying?

A discussion event with eight pupils who attend a non-academically selective secondary school in an academically selective area. The discussion was prompted by stories that had been shared with me by participants in my earlier research.

The pupils taking part in ‘See What I’m Saying?’ shared their reflections on the issues raised by the stories which were then live drawn by the artist Josh Knowles. This collaboration resulted in the following illustrations, which provide a visual representation of the pupils’ reflections on academically selective education.

Illustrations by Josh Knowles.


Illustration from the Eco Capabilities project by Zoe Moula - Illustration by Josh Knowles

Dr Zoe Moula aims to raise awareness of the importance of engaging children and young people with sustainability issues across the whole educational spectrum. This illustration is part of a package of activities including a policy briefing and a stakeholder engagement event to promote ‘Eco-capabilities’ to policy makers and foster the development of ‘Eco-capabilities’ in UK schools.

Illustration by Josh Knowles.

Learning from Learning Disruption

Evangelicals and Politics in America Today

Key findings from "The Politics of Religion" study (2020-2022)



Mentoring on the Teach First Training Programme

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This short film is written for school-based mentors supporting trainees on the Teach First Training Programme. It shares insights and suggestions for action derived from research Polly Glegg conducted with recent Teach First graduates. The film may also be of interest to mentors and other teacher educators supporting trainee/student teachers across a wide range of Initial Teacher Education programmes and, of course, to trainee teachers themselves. Share the video

Overcoming anxiety about Physics in schools

Can I Physics - Yes you can! Infographic illustrated by Janine Clayton

Graphic by Janine Clayton.

Perspectives on employment for autistic people

The current situation, what works, and what needs to change

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This online panel discussion, moderated by Dr Mel Romualdez, featured autistic experts and advocates discussing employment for autistic people in the UK. The panellists included researcher Rose Matthews, author and speaker Pete Wharmby, and Neurodiverse Self Advocacy leaders Marie Djela and Rahel Berman.

Assisted reproduction: a short educational film

This is a short film informed by research conducted at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL, as part of the Young Adults Study (PI Associate Professor Sophie Zadeh). The research found that people are interested in knowing more about what assisted reproduction is, why people use assisted reproduction to start a family, and how it is regulated in the UK.

Dr Catherine Jones created this short film for young adults to be used as an educational resource, with illustrations by Josh Knowles. The film is a work in progress - Dr Jones hopes to use feedback from young adults to revise any aspects they'd like to know more about, to make it as helpful and informative as possible, and to co-create a leaflet to accompany the film.

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The Urban Adventures project

Photo of artwork from the Urban Adventures project. credit: Jo Nicholl
A collaboration with Kew Gardens which involved a research-inspired photography competition, aims to maximise the potential benefits of school science trips, where students connect what they learn and experience from these trips to more local settings back near their schools and where they live. 

The main objective of this initiative is to support students in their ability to ‘notice’ and observe more in their local surroundings, which adds to their understanding and appreciation of belonging to a world that is beyond human.