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Research related to COVID-19

UCL Institute of Education is working on numerous ground-breaking projects to understand how people are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

A duty of care and a duty to teach: educational priorities in response to the COVID-19 crisis

Led by Professor Gemma Moss, this study explores the challenges the COVID-19 crisis sets primary school teachers. It will examine the diverse roles primary schools play in their local communities and how these vary depending upon levels of social disadvantage.

Coping and wellbeing in families during the COVID-19 crisis

Dr Katie Quy and Dr Lisa Fridkin are investigating coping and wellbeing in children aged 7-11 years, and their families, during the COVID-19 crisis. The project aims to explore how the current situation might be affecting children’s wellbeing, the types of coping strategies which might be protective or harmful, and the kinds of things that might need to be done to help children manage the current situation and to ‘recover’ afterwards.

COVID-19: Global social trust and mental health

Dr Keri Wong is working on a study looking at the short and long-term effects of COVID-19 on individual's social trust in relationships, mental and physical health. Involving UCL and four other universities (University of Pennsylvania, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nanyang Technological University, University of Trento), this study will to enable comparisons between the UK's lockdown experience and the experiences in other countries where they have adopted different COVID guidelines.

FACT Covid: Families and Community Transitions under Covid

Dr Humera Iqbal, Dr Katherine Twamley and Dr Charlotte Faircloth are working on a multi-country research project to examine the impact of the coronavirus on everyday family life. By focusing on families, this project explores both how individuals respond to public health measures put in place, and how these are negotiated with others in the household and family. The team is interested in how intra-household differences affect individuals’ experiences, particularly across gender and generations.

Families in Tower Hamlets: impacts of COVID-19

This project is about everyday life in the midst of a pandemic. The team, led by Professor Claire Cameron, is working with Born in Bradford, a cohort study aiming to reduce health inequalities, to examine the social, economic and health impacts of COVID-19 on family life with young children.

Study findings will help support Tower Hamlets council to shape its service offer to all families with young children, especially those newly impoverished and those designated vulnerable: pregnant women, and children.

The role of teaching/classroom assistants during the COVID crisis

Led by Professor Gemma Moss, this study is looking at the contributions teaching/classroom assistants and those working in classroom support roles have made and the dilemmas they encounter while working with children, families, and teachers as schools switch between supporting children's learning in school and at home.

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