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Q&A with Tommy Piyatamrong

Tommy discusses his MSc in Engineering and Education. He is now studying for a PhD at the IOE.

Tommy, PhD candidate specialising in engineering in education.

Hello, Tommy!

What was your route to graduate study at UCL?

Before coming to UCL, I did my Bachelor’s in Software Engineering.

What are your motivations for pursuing a graduate-level qualification?

I want to go in-depth in topics of my interests and develop professional and research expertise.

What are your next career plans?

My PhD should be my future for the next 3 to 4 years. After that I plan to apply my research experiences back home in Thailand, hopefully, to assist in the educational aspects of artificial intelligence transformations in the engineering sectors.

What is the best thing about your course?

The lessons and the learning experiences. In the Engineering and Education MSc, the programme brings forth different professional perspectives and experiences that allow the students (all from engineering backgrounds) to gain new perspectives on the practice of engineering skills and its future potential. 

What do you find interesting about your field of study and what inspires you?

It is truly a foundation for future transformation with all the digital advancements being integrated into all parts of life. Especially in the field of engineering, it starts with the educational approaches that take place. 

Why choose UCL for graduate study?

UCL has, all along, been my first choice for postgraduate study. In deciding on a Master’s, I applied to UCL because of its renowned reputation, being in London, and the course brings out a blend of perspectives that stands out among other universities.

For my MPhil/PhD, I felt drawn to my current supervisors (and other academics), their teaching, and their research expertise. I wanted to continue to learn from them.

In January 2021, Tommy presented a research paper based on his MSc dissertation at the Eighth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education.

Once the [Covid] situation is better, I plan to capitalize on as many networking opportunities as I can!"

What is it like studying in London and how do you think it has benefited your studies?

London is an amazing city. The city benefited my studies greatly, both directly and indirectly. Direct benefits are access to state of the art libraries and museums and indirectly all the diverse people you get to meet and learn from. As well as all the activities in London where I can take a break from my studies to enjoy the city then get back to my studies feeling refreshed.

Do you think it is a good investment?

Yes, without a doubt.

If you receive funding, how has it helped you to achieve your aspirations?

The Royal Thai Government Scholarship (Thailand) funds my study. It lessens the worry about expenses. It allows me to fully focus on my studies and what I have to do to accomplish my academic goals.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your time at the IOE?

I enjoy learning from a wide range of perspectives at the IOE, which definitely goes beyond the textbook knowledge. The Institute Bar is a place to hang out with friends too!