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Q&A with Seb Rowland

Seb graduated from the Educational (Assessment) MA in 2018. Here he looks back on his experience studying at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE).

Hi Seb!

What did you enjoy most about your programme?

Course seminars embedded a learning climate rich in discussion and collaboration; providing opportunities to support and challenge theory and others’ opinions. Applying these discussions to practice was deepened by the diversity of students within each session; discussing practice internationally within different educational contexts.

What was it like studying part-time?

Studying a Master's part-time at the IOE had the potential to be a difficult balance between work and studying, but this was not the case. Over my two years studying, I thoroughly enjoyed embracing learning and reflecting on my own pedagogy. 

Has there been an element of your programme that you found was particularly valuable?

Throughout my studies, the academic support from course tutors was excellent. Sessions were planned to encourage you to challenge your thinking on a variety of topics, with tutors sharing their expertise and experiences to further enhance your knowledge and understanding.

Readings were carefully considered to complement, reflect and form links to the the taught content and assignments were constructed to further reflect and enhance this. 

Is there anything else you would like to say about your time at the IOE?

To study at a world leading education institution was an honour and something I will cherish for many years.