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Q&A with Areti Bizior

Areti is studying the Educational Leadership (International) MBA (graduating 2020) with a view to pursuing headship in a school.

Areti Bizior, Educational Leadership MBA graduate

Welcome, Areti!

What was your route to UCL?

I have been working in education in England for 17 years and am currently the Deputy Headmistress at a well-known, independent girls’ boarding school. I hold a BSc, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), and a PGCE.

What are your motivations for pursuing a graduate-level qualification?

I wanted to learn more about current trends in education with a view to understanding education as a business. 

What do you find interesting about your field of study and what inspires you?

I look forward to exploring educational reform across the world and understanding how to respond to the modern challenges facing education both within my role for the benefit of the local and wider community. 

What are your career plans once you’ve completed your current programme of study at UCL?

It is now time for me to consider a move to headship. I believe that I am ready to run my own school, and having seen the significant changes to education in recent years, I know that this degree will help me to further develop the skills and attributes I need to make my new role a success in an increasingly global and competitive sector.

I know that studying Educational Leadership (International) at the IOE will allow me to remain competitive when applying for headship and inform my career choices for a long time to come. I cannot think of a better place to learn than with the energetic and innovative faculty that I have met at UCL, which has a reputation for the highest standards and is at the forefront for educational developments."  

What is the best thing about your course?

The lectures are superb, particularly because the lecturers are all leaders in their fields, internationally renowned and respected. I could not have asked for better! The depth within which we debate issues and are encouraged to problem solve is excellent. 

Do you think studying at the UCL Institute of Education is a good investment?

Yes, for all the reasons listed above!

Have you undertaken any networking opportunities either as part of your degree or outside of your studies?

Yes, I have met a number of interesting people, we have had discussions about our work, our studies and our wider careers and we have even been able to arrange for our colleagues to meet and collaborate. 

Why did you apply to UCL for graduate study?

Because of the phenomenal reputation.

What is it like studying in London?

Vibrant, engaging and easily accessible.