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Q&A with Aqeeb Akram

Aqeeb is a geography teacher and Master's student studying the Education (Geography) MA.

Aqeeb, a male Master's student wearing glasses and a black hoodie, in an empty football stadium

Hello, Aqeeb! What was your path into Master's study at UCL?

Before undertaking this MA, I completed a PGCE in Secondary Geography at the University of Oxford. And completed a Geography BA which I thoroughly enjoyed!

How did you choose the Education (Geography) MA?

It allowed me to gain an extra year to build my knowledge on geographical education. It also demonstrates that I have a learning mindset, something which valued by employers, for when applying for jobs within geography education.

What is the best thing about your course?

The flexibility in choosing a topic that you are interested in, within the different modules. For instance, one of my modules I am looking at the quantitative methods used in a research paper on factors that influence A Level Geography. I have a huge passion in A Level Geography and this course allows me to evolve and complete assignments around my interests.

What do you find interesting about your field of study? What inspires you?

I have really enjoyed the ‘Transforming the geography curriculum’ module the most, as it deepens my understand of what curriculum is. It has also made me think how to create an effective curriculum. And, introduce me to new ideas including powerful knowledge within the geo-capabilities approach, which is key in geography education.

Has there been an element you have found particuarly valuable?

By undertaking educational research and learning, this would be beneficial for my own teaching practice, as I can employ new teaching techniques, from the light of academic literature.

What are your next career plans?

I am currently a geography teacher. This MA will enable me to become more knowledgeable within geography education and hopefully, in a few years help me to become Head of Geography.

What made you choose UCL?

UCL is a fantastic institution, as it is a Russell Group university which offers world-leading research offered by fantastic lecturers. It is in the heart of London and is home to centres of teaching excellence in subjects including education. IOE (UCL's Faculty of Education and Society) is one of the best institutions in the world to do a Master’s in education in. The support and lecturers are great and so knowledgeable in helping you to make progress with your studies.

London is so diverse with people with all from all over the world. On my course, I am able to share ideas from people from different background and learn from their past experiences of teaching geography, which will help me with my own studies and working as a geography teacher.