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Q&A with Amanda Ince

Dr Amanda Ince is a Principle Teaching Fellow based in the IOE's Department of Learning and Leadership.

What is the focus of your research and what benefits do you hope your discoveries and insights will bring?
My doctorate explored cognitive dissonance as an educative resource in complex professional development. An aspect of that is the facilitator’s role and the recognition and management of risk involved in successful post graduate learning.

Understanding the complex role and the interplay of factors supports learning for tutors and students, leading to improvements in teaching through the design and implementation of Master’s level programmes in particular.

What attracted you to take up your position at UCL?
UCL Institute of Education is a world leader in research and the quality of its teaching. Also, London is a vibrant city with excellent connections nationally and internationally.

What do you most enjoy about your position and why?
I enjoy being part of a global university and the diversity of students and colleagues.

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