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Why is there a worldwide shortage of teachers? | RFTRW: S19E01

24 April 2023

We know that teacher shortages are an issue in most developed countries. How has the pandemic and pay played a role, and what can be done to address this?

Dr Asma Benhenda, Research for the Real World podcast

Asma Benhenda
Research Fellow

Research for the Real World welcomes back Dr Asma Benhenda to talk about the issue of teacher shortages and how England compares to other countries. She previously spoke about improving early intervention programmes for children and young people.

Dr Benhenda’s PhD studies focused on teacher policies, especially in relation to teacher retention and, not only did she write complete her PhD, but she also wrote a book to disseminate the main findings of this research to the wider public, which received extensive media coverage across France.

Emily MacLeod also finds out what policy and non-policy measures could do to improve teacher recruitment and retention.

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