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How can we prevent refugee children from getting stuck in educational inequity? | RFTRW: S17E02

14 September 2022

Through research on underperforming 'stuck' schools, the podcast explores factors that contribute to educational inequity and how education systems can support refugee and other disadvantaged children attending these schools.

Dr Bernardita Muñoz Chereau on the IOE Research for the Real World podcast

Bernardita Muñoz Chereau
Principal Research Fellow in Education

Children of refugees and new immigrants in general are part of the demographic of disadvantaged communities whose pupils are more likely to attend ‘stuck’ schools - schools which are considered to be underperforming and whose improvement is often hindered by a particular set of interacting challenges.

In this episode Dr Bernardita Muñoz Chereau shares her experience of school effectiveness in Chilean contexts as well as new research on 580 schools in England which consistently received below 'good' Ofsted inspection grades.

Host and PhD researcher Emily MacLeod finds out about the policy and practice interventions which could assist ‘stuck’ schools along their improvement journey, as well as how to support highly mobile pupils, for example those who are experiencing homelessness or from refugee backgrounds.

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