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How can we improve the way we approach asylum seeker reception? | RFTRW: S17E01

5 September 2022

In this podcast we hear about research that seeks to understand the challenges faced by asylum seekers and the communities they find themselves in, and find ways to innovate and ensure that everyone benefits.

Dr Caroline Oliver, Research for the Real World podcast

Caroline Oliver
Associate Professor of Sociology

There are differences between how national governments see the issue of asylum seeker reception and local governments and communities where the actual asylum seekers come in. This means that asylum seekers may be held back from integration until a decision is made, leaving inclusive opportunities such as employment and social connections at risk.

Dr Laura Outhwaite hears from Dr Oliver about a project in the Netherlands that sought to recognise that, like us, asylum seekers have lives and skills to offer and unpacks the idea that for those unable to get status it was still important for them to attain ‘futureproof skills’.

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