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How poetry plays a part in reconnecting refugees with education | RFTRW: S15E03

23 May 2022

Many people find themselves in difficult situations where they have to flee and seek sanctuary in new and unfamiliar places. When settling in, one challenge refugees face is seeking higher education - we hear about research and words working to bring down barriers.

Aine McAllister, Research for the Real World podcast

Aine McAllister
Lecturer (Teaching) - Languages in Education

Through seedfunded projects and fellowships at UCL, Aine McAllister is seeking to develop engagement pathways with policymakers to allow for better access to higher education.

Host Dr Lauren Hammond also asks Aine about her research approach using ethnopoetic analysis and dialogue, and how the IOE’s partnership with the ReConnect programme supports refugees who are highly qualified and experienced professionals find their feet in the UK.

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Aine McAllister's '3 memories of Kurdistan', with music by Chris Hutchings

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