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Exhibition of students’ artwork opens

12 May 2022

A new exhibition has opened showcasing the artwork of students on the Art and Design in Education MA at IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society.

Artwork from the MA Art & Design in Education Exhibition

The exhibition brings together work that the students have developed as part of their dissertation projects, exploring the use of practice as research.

Dr Claire Robins, Programme Leader for the MA Art and Design in Education, said: “In the MA dissertation exhibition students draw on both their experiences as educators in schools, galleries, universities and their practice in art, curation, design or art history as a basis for their research.

“This year, several students have made interventions around the IOE building. As you travel up to the exhibition space there are poetic text pieces in the lifts and stairs that relate to a film questioning the precarious conditions of many art and design lecturers in higher education, there are invitations to playfully activate public spaces in and around the IOE, and research that takes a slow and thoughtful look at educational architecture and memory.”

Annie Davey, Lecturer in Art Culture and Education, added: “There is such a fantastic range of work on display and our students have done an excellent job of putting it together.

“You can attend a flower arranging workshop that maps the geopolitical global flower trade whilst questioning the cultural implications of aesthetic choice. There are explorations of materiality in galleries and classrooms, objects and storytelling, the place of mess in primary school art education and subverted traditions of papermaking.”

The MA Art & Design in Education Exhibition runs from 11 – 18 May 2022 in the Art, Design and Museology Studios, Level 8, 20 Bedford Way, London.

About the degree

Next year the MA changes its name to Art Education, Culture and Practice MA to better reflect content changes and new modules that have been developed.

The MA examines the relationship between art practice, culture and pedagogy and enables students to develop an innovative approach to educational research across sites for education, such as art colleges, schools, galleries and alternative spaces for art education.


Featured artwork credits

Cleo Broda (top), Rebecca Twiston-Davies, Yingjie Chen, Libby Scarlett, Yuyang Guo, Jordan McCarthy, Punika Chaiyawat (gallery).