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Response to a report about climate change and sustainability education in schools

9 June 2022

UCL’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education (CCCSE) has published a response to a report authored by Public First: 'Teaching about climate change: A report into climate change and sustainability education in schools'.

School children sitting outdoors at wooden tables holding items for recycling whilst a teacher looks on and smiles (Photo: Rawpixel.com / Adobe Stock)

At the outset of establishing CCCSE, there was a need to test out the concept of the Centre with a cross-section of teachers, school leaders and young people, who are key stakeholders and partners. As such, Public First’s report is based upon rapid quantitative and qualitative opinion research with young people, parents, teachers and school leaders conducted between January and February 2022.

Professor Nicola Walshe, Executive Director of CCCSE said: “Global environmental issues of climate change and biodiversity loss are key challenges of our time. Education has a fundamental role to play in equipping societies to respond to these challenges. We are delighted that Public First’s report is so positive in its recommendation for an external body to lead the development and provision of research-informed, free, professional development for all teachers and school leaders working cross all age groups and subjects.”

Dr Alison Kitson, Programme Director of CCCSE said: “The Public First report underlines the support that teachers of every subject need so that they can develop the expertise and confidence to incorporate issues of climate change and sustainability as part of their teaching. This is core to the mission of the Centre and we are already working with teachers in schools across the country to achieve this.”

Read our response to the Public First report

There will be an online event on Monday 4 July at 4.30pm where a panel of experts will consider the implications of the report for priorities in climate change and sustainability education.



Rawpixel.com / Adobe Stock