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How looking back can help us move forward in fighting climate change | RFTRW: S16E02

5 July 2022

In this podcast we hear about how UCL aims to support students, their parents and teachers in understanding the climate crisis through the curriculum and where history education fits in learning about these issues.

Dr Alison Kitson, Research for the Real World podcast

Alison Kitson
Associate Professor in History Education

Dr Alison Kitson’s background and expertise in history education places her in an important position - Emily MacLeod finds out how this has led to her interest in the environment and her current role as Programme Director of the UCL Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education. The centre has hit the ground running to explore how schools are dealing with climate change and sustainability.  

Inspired by the model of the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education, Dr Kitson demonstrates how they are working with teachers to find meaningful and constructive ways through professional development. Dr Kitson also explains why history, together with geography, is such an important subject to teach through an environmental lens.

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