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Academia, actually: what does real success look like? | Academia et al: S01E03

24 January 2022

In this episode we discuss imposter syndrome, overcoming challenges as early career academics, finding success and dealing with low points. It's a rollercoaster!

Dr Andrea Gauthier and Dr Jake Anders on Academia et al: 'Academia actually: what does real success look like?'

Dr Jake Anders, Associate Professor in Educational and Social Statistics.

Dr Andrea Gauthier, Associate Lecturer and Research Fellow.

Dr Alina Pelikh is joined by Drs Andrea Gauthier and Jake Anders for a chat about finding success in academia, overcoming imposter syndrome, and how to deal with the feeling that there’s always more that you don’t know yet.

We hear about Andrea’s intriguing background in medical illustration, and how she uses ‘productive negativity’ to turn failures into learning experiences. Jake introduces some of his research including the COVID Social Mobility and Opportunities Study (COSMO), and trials he’s faced to get research projects off the ground early in his academic career, such as applying for research funding.

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