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Transforming universities for a changing climate | RFTRW: S11E01

25 October 2021

Climate change affects all of us, but some more than others. What can universities do, particularly in countries seen as highly vulnerable to extreme weather events and threats?

Professor Tristan McCowan, Research for the Real World podcast

Tristan McCowan
Professor of International Education

As the principal investigator for the Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate research project (Climate-U for short), Professor Tristan McCowan is working with teams in Brazil, Fiji, Kenya and Mozambique to strengthen higher education’s contribution to addressing the causes and impacts of climate change in lower-income contexts.

Dr Keri Wong finds out more from Professor McCowan about Climate-U’s objectives and how teaching, community engagement and public awareness can be made possible, what it’s like working with researchers from different disciplines and countries, his thoughts on climate change denial, and imagining what an alternative and innovative university might look like.

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