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IOE to deliver National Professional Qualifications for teachers and school leaders

31 March 2021

The UCL Centre for Educational Leadership has been appointed by the Department for Education to deliver the new National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) for teachers and school leaders from September 2021.

Class leader talking to two adults in CPD class

The NPQs have recently been reformed and are designed to support teachers’ professional development. They include three specialist qualifications and three leadership qualifications.

The specialist NPQs cover behaviour and culture, teacher development for staff responsible for leading teachers’ development in their school, and ‘Leading Teaching’ for staff who have responsibility for leading teaching in a subject, year group or key stage.

Reformed Leadership NPQs include Senior Leadership, Executive Leadership, and Headship, which involves a new support programme for head teachers who are new in post.

A nationwide network of partnerships with newly established Teaching School Hubs, Multi Academy Trusts and other partners will be crucial in the Centre’s delivery of these NPQs.

Professor Qing Gu, Director of the UCL Centre for Educational Leadership, said:

“As the UK’s largest university-based centre for research, teaching, development and innovation in education leadership, the UCL Centre for Educational Leadership looks forward to delivering all six NPQs with our school partners. The new programmes will be informed by cutting edge research and evidence on how teachers and school leaders learn and grow over time and underpinned by the IOE’s values to work for and with schools to enable them to make meaningful connections between theory, evidence and practice in their own contexts of learning. Such values ensure that our approach centres upon building and improving schools’ own organisational and leadership capacity for teacher and leadership development through trusted partnership.”

Jonathan Dale, Director of Leadership Development at the UCL Centre for Educational Leadership, said:

“Research shows that the quality of education within a school is directly linked to the quality of leadership. We are delighted to have been awarded the new NPQ contract which builds on over 25 years of IOE experience designing and delivering different iterations of these leadership programmes since their inception.

“The new programmes will be significantly revised, based on the new standards, to ensure they support the wide range of leadership roles in schools and academies providing clear career development pathways for school leaders. The IOE will deliver the new programmes in partnership with Teaching School Hubs and others ensuring an approach that builds capacity for professional learning across the school system.”

The Centre, based at UCL Institute of Education (IOE), was also recently chosen as a provider for the national roll-out of the Early Career Framework (ECF) for teachers.



Alejandro Walter Salinas Lopez for UCL Digital Media