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We need professionals, not technicians: IOE comments on ITT Market Review

5 July 2021

UCL Institute of Education statement on the government’s ITT Market Review consultation.

UCL Institute of Education building in the sun. Mary Hinkley © UCL Digital Media

We welcome the Government’s decision to run a public consultation on its proposals for the reform of initial teacher education provision. This follows requests from various stakeholders for greater transparency regarding the market review, including the opportunity to engage with the review group as it developed its thinking. 
It is disappointing that the feedback from many quarters of the initial teacher education and schools system is not reflected in the proposals that have been published today. The IOE remains committed to delivering high quality initial teacher education provision with a focus on developing professional, phase- and subject-specialist teachers who are skilled practitioners, with more than technical knowledge, and we will respond to the DfE’s consultation to that end.  
Meanwhile, the past 18 months have further demonstrated the strength of the existing system, with provision rooted in close partnership between universities and schools having maintained the vital supply of new teachers despite the immense disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic.