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IOE research centre hosts conference on pedagogy of hope and global social justice

1 July 2021

The Development Education Research Centre (DERC) has organised the fourth international Academic Network for Global Education & Learning (ANGEL) conference examining pedagogies of hope and social justice.

Erasmus exchange students

The three-day conference brought together 250 experts in development education, global citizenship education, human rights education, education for sustainable development, education for peace, and intercultural education from across the world.

Developed by DERC at UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and sponsored and supported by Global Education Network Europe, the event discussed the role of global social justice as a pedagogical approach. In particular, the event looked at the approach in response to challenges and inequalities in the world identified from COVID-19.

Key topics covered at the conference included: 

  • The challenges for global learning and global citizenship education post COVID-19;
  • How to provide visions and ways forward for learning about global themes;
  • Lessons from research about the most effective ways to engage learners in playing a positive role in shaping a more just and sustainable world;
  • The contribution of higher education to building a pedagogy of hope and global social justice;
  • The role of civil society organisations in equipping learners with the knowledge, skills and values to take action on social justice and sustainability issues.

The event featured a mixture of plenary sessions, workshops, paper presentations, and networking. Many of the sessions are now available as edited recordings on the project YouTube channel.

The ANGEL Conference 2021 ran from 25-27 May 2021.