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The art of collaborative research | RFTRW: S10E04

6 July 2021

Improving mental health is an increasingly multidisciplinary goal. In this podcast we talk to an award-winning researcher about thinking and working outside your disciplinary boundary.

Praveetha Patalay, Research for the Real World podcast

Dr Praveetha Patalay, Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Science, MRC Unit for Lifelong Health & Ageing, and Centre for Longitudinal Studies.

There is growing appreciation for the idea of maintaining good mental health in a flourishing life, as well as when things aren’t going well. We consider how mental health is accompanied by a series of behavioural and also societal factors which play either protective or harmful roles.

With all this complexity in mind, Praveetha puts forward the case for why the mental health field needs to utilise multidisciplinary perspectives to have a hope of finding impactful solutions.

We also hear how Praveetha keeps on top of collaborations, and discusses some common challenges and practicalities of multidisciplinary research.

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