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What’s happened to parenting and pay during the pandemic? | RFTRW: S12E02

6 December 2021

Widening inequalities in learning, growing gender gaps in paid and domestic work - we hear about covid’s impact in these areas and how research findings are informing responses in policy and practice.

Professor Almudena Sevilla, Research for the Real World podcast

Almudena Sevilla
Professor of Economics and Public Policy

An applied micro economist, Professor Almudena Sevilla’s work pays particular attention to gender, child development and human capital. With the pandemic exacerbating inequalities across the board, Professor Sevilla co-led a study with the Institute for Fiscal Studies which found that mothers were more likely to have left paid work, and those mothers still in paid work have seen a larger drop in hours of work than fathers. In lockdown, mothers have also been impacted by mounting domestic responsibilities, risking long-term harm to their careers.

Dr Keri Wong also finds out from Professor Sevilla about her PARENTIME project, which aims to unpack the machinations that drive inequality from generation to generation.

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