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Campaign launched to help get children thinking

15 May 2020

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy has launched a campaign to provide children with engaging opportunities to think, learn, and have fun at home.


As part of the campaign they have published a range of philosophical questions and activities for families as an educational tool beyond formal schoolwork. The resource aims to encourage children to expand the horizons of their thinking and develop their perspectives on what is important in life.

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The resource can help parents and guardians to engage their children in a range of discussions and practical tasks such as discovering what makes us human by taking on the role of researcher or finding out what fairness means by dividing a packet of sweets. 

Dr Yana Manyukhina, Research Associate and Academic Lead for the campaign, said: "The GetChildrenThinking campaign offers adults a simple and engaging way to introduce children to the fascinating world of philosophy. If I had to describe the campaign in one sentence, it would be ‘critical thinking made fun’. Philosophical discussions have multiple benefits for children's learning and development, such as expanding their cognitive abilities, socio-emotional skills, and moral reasoning. It's an exceptionally engaging and stimulating home-schooling activity."

The resource is free and can be used for children of all ages. 

The Centre will be sharing a question each week on its social media channels as part of its campaign.

This is just one of the several resources that the Institute of Education (IOE) has recently published. The London Centre for Leadership in Learning has also produced a list of free online learning resources to help parents, carers and families support children’s learning from home.

And the Centre for Inclusive Education have created a series of information resources to support pupils with SEND during the period of school closures.