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How working from home is working (or not) | RFTRW: S02E01

8 June 2020

Professor Allison Littlejohn talks to Dr Rob Webster about how UCL has managed to move research and teaching online during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact it’s had on staff and students.

Research for the Real World podcast: Allison Littlejohn

Research for the Real World: S02E01

Professor Allison Littlejohn, Director of UCL Knowledge Lab

The second season of Research for the Real World takes a look at how the IOE is responding to global challenges - and global challenges don’t come any greater than the Covid-19 pandemic.

With her broad experience spanning across the health, energy and finance sectors, Allison explains how she became interested in the world of education and exploring the importance of learning in our everyday lives through the use of technology. This brings us nicely to her work investigating how universities are responding to the imposed shift of their core functions online.

The UCL Moving to Online Teaching and Homeworking (MOTH) study examines how UCL staff are adapting to the challenges posed by COVID-19 upon their professional and personal lives. Allison shares some interesting insights and observations, ranging from newfound interdisciplinary collaboration, and unsurprisingly, demands on time and resource, and problems with technology.

As the findings of the study are realised, what is this going to mean for the higher education sector? Allison also shares her thoughts about the opportunity for innovation and improved engagement, and how universities like UCL might respond moving forward.

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