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Putting human capital theory into practice and raising education outcomes | RFTRW: S06E03

7 December 2020

The narrative of education as an investment in a better future is as compelling at a national level as it is at the individual one, and Professor Moses Oketch aims to find the key to making this work in practice.

Professor Moses Oketch on Research for the Real World IOE podcast

Moses Oketch, Professor in International Education Policy and Development

Dr Humera Iqbal discovers how Professor Moses Oketch’s career has been building a compelling connection between human capital theory and education policy.

The idea that education is instrumental in economic growth and development is something that resonates strongly in Professor Oketch’s country of origin of Kenya. There, both the government and the general population embrace education as a panacea for improvement.

So why is it that despite the value placed on education, the high levels of improvement hoped for are yet to be achieved?

Professor Oketch’s work considers how the theory of human capital translates into low-income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, and what this means for the provision of good quality education.

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