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Attainment grouping and maths: learning from mistakes | RFTRW: S04E03

24 August 2020

A look at how the evidence can help schools make informed decisions about the ways they group students and work towards equity and improving their life chances.

Professor Jeremy Hodgen, Research for the Real World podcast

Jeremy Hodgen, Professor of Mathematics Education

“We don’t learn mathematics from getting everything right, we learn mathematics from making mistakes… protecting children from those mistakes and errors really doesn’t help their learning.”

After training as a maths teacher at the IOE and teaching in primary and secondary schools, Jeremy set course towards a career in academia, with stints at Nottingham University and King’s College London before returning to us, not only to focus on improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, but also examining how best to group students and support those facing low attainment.

Dr Rob Webster and Jeremy discuss what attainment grouping looks like in England and what best practice looks like, his work with IOE colleagues on investigating the outcomes of mixed attainment grouping in mathematics and what effect the pandemic might have on existing grouping practices, and addressing anticipated learning loss.

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