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Research centre produces online resources for teaching the Holocaust

27 April 2020

The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education has produced a series of resources so that pupils can continue to learn about the Holocaust during school closures.

Holocaust Memorial. Image: Anders Thirsgaard Rasmussen via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

These are the latest of several resources developed and compiled by UCL Institute of Education (IOE).

The Centre, based in the IOE, has developed stimulating lesson plans with ready-to-go PowerPoint presentations and materials for online usage as well as material for students to work through independently.

One set of materials cover ‘Nazi concentration camps’. These include six short, 30-minute lessons, that focus on what the camps were like. 

The lessons consist of an Introductory PowerPoint presentation for pupils, followed by a further six PowerPoint presentations for each of the lessons. There is also a brief Teacher Overview that explains to teachers how the lessons ‘work’ together to provide students with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Nazi concentration camp system. 

All lessons are clearly laid out; make use of historical sources online; are enquiry-led; have supporting explanations of key words; have clear icons showing pupils what they need to do, and include a self-assessment quiz at the end of each one.

The second resource is entitled ‘Heroic actions of the Holocaust’ and is designed for pupils to use as self-directed study.

The materials speak directly to students aged 14-16 years old who have some foundational knowledge of the Holocaust. They can be used to deepen learning in Religious Education, Citizenship, and History. 

The lesson examines heroic actions of individuals who, at great risk to their own safety, reached out to rescue or help Jewish people from almost certain death at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War. 

The lesson provides case studies of different individuals and situations across Europe and invites students to contemplate many important questions about community, responsibility, and individual choice.

UCL Centre for Holocaust Education will continue to provide free and easily downloadable online resources, student self-directed study lessons, and online continuing professional development courses to support teachers in teaching this subject.