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The future of Education and Social Science research | RFTRW: S01E01

29 April 2020

Hello, is this thing on? Okay, great! Welcome to the very first episode of Research for the Real World.

Professor Alison Fuller podcast

Research for the Real World: S01E01

Alison Fuller, Professor of Vocational Education and Work, IOE Pro-Director: Research & Development

We thought that we’d start the series by painting a bit of a picture of what research looks like here at the IOE, and there’s no one better to help give us a sense of what’s going on than Alison Fuller, Professor of Vocational Education and Work and the IOE Pro-Director of Research and Development.

Rob and Alison discuss the kind of role IOE research has played over the years, and what’s in store for us in the future, particularly as we try to quickly understand and navigate the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

You’ll also get to hear stories about Alison’s fascinating personal journey; from leaving school to travel across Europe, returning to the United Kingdom and picking up where she left off, and how those experiences shaped her passion for research into apprenticeships, vocational education and lifelong learning. 

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