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IOE academic wins award for linguistics book

4 September 2019

UCL Institute of Education (IOE) academic Dr Miguel Pérez-Milans has won the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) Book Prize.

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Dr Pérez-Milans won the award for ‘The Oxford Handbook of Language Policy and Planning’ which he edited with Professor James Tollefson (University of Washington). He received the prize at the BAAL’s annual conference in Manchester.

The book covers a history of language policy and planning (LPP) and explores directions for future research. It covers different LPP frameworks from historical, ethical and socio-economic angles. Split into four sections, the book covers a diverse range of topics including language tests and policy, nationalism, globalisation and social media, among others.

IOE academics Dr Miguel Pérez-Milans, Dr Alfonso Del Percio and Professor Li Wei all contributed chapters to the book.

The theme of the 2019 BAAL conference was ‘Broadening the Horizons of Applied Linguistics’. It explored the role that applied linguistics plays in many walks of life.

Dr Miguel Pérez-Milans, said: “The book aimed from the outset to do much more than providing an overview to the field of language policy and planning (LPP). 

“It traces some of the key historical, socioeconomic and political junctures since the advent of modern nationalism with an eye to the ways in which nation-states have (re)imagined and exerted control over practices and ideas concerned with language, culture and community. 

“In so doing, the volume examines the role that LPP has played as an academic field in the (re)constitution of this ideological framework, and offers new directions for future research interested in understanding how such ideas shift and get re-articulated under the conditions of late capitalism and the new forms of inequality that come with it”.