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IOE workshop examines the relationship between humans and machines

16 May 2019

A UCL Institute of Education (IOE) workshop has taken place exploring how humans and machines extract information and understand the world.

Human and robot fingers reaching to each other

The event, held at the University of Oxford, examined how humans and artificial intelligence (AI) perceive cause-effect relationships in everyday life and in more formal settings. 

There is a drive for making machines mirror human reasoning and making their behaviours more human-like. Although investigations in both disciplines have focused on a similar territory, the links regarding the understanding of causality have received less attention, and the implications and potential of the two fields to inform each other is largely unexplored. 

The workshop provided new insights into ways in which humans’ understanding of causal relationships could provide the basis for new approaches in AI, as well as how AI models can suggest new ways to investigate humans’ understanding of causal relationships.

The two-day workshop brought together academic researchers from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, physics, linguistics, education, computer science, and philosophy.