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IOE academic contributes policy brief for international governments

13 May 2019

UCL Institute of Education (IOE) academic Paul Grainger has written a policy brief examining technical and vocational training for the digital age for Think 20 (T20), the research and policy advice network for the G20.

Woman wearing a virtual reality headset

Co-written with Romina Bandura (Centre for Strategic and international Studies), the policy brief rethinks pathways to employment in the context of several major technological transformations that have placed the global economy on a new track. This includes the rise of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The policy brief argues that a new relationship between educators and employers must be established for effective, high profile technical and vocational training and work-based learning programmes. This is because technical and vocational training institutions that were established to be authoritative in knowledge and skills, need to adapt to an environment where the knowledge flow is reversed, with skills increasingly being generated within economic activity.

Paul Grainger and Romina Bandura’s work comes under the T20’s Taskforce 7. The Taskforce will make recommendations on how to achieve well-balanced labour markets capable of matching the supply of and demand for skills in an environment of rapidly changing technology while reducing inequalities and promoting economic and social development.

The policy briefs will be reviewed at the T20 summit which will take place on 26-27 May 2019 in Tokyo, Japan, before being delivered to world leaders in June.