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The IOE-delivered programme helping refugees to prepare for higher education study

25 February 2019

A UCL Institute of Education (IOE) programme preparing refugees and asylum seekers for study in higher education and teacher training, is contributing to an awareness-raising event next month in London.

ReConnect to Education: Preparation for Higher Education

‘ReConnect to Education: Preparation for Higher Education’ is a programme funded by ReConnect, delivered by the IOE and supported by Computer Aid International. The programme aims to familiarise refugees with the expectations and academic conventions of British universities.  It is hoped this will help them make the best of their higher education study, which may include PGCE training as further education teachers.

In preparing refugees for higher education, the programme develops academic skills and confidence and also aims to impart knowledge and understanding of the British educational system.

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The event will be held at ReConnect’s offices at Resource for London on Friday 15 March from 6-8pm.  It will feature talks from teachers with a refugee background, present and former students, Theodros Abraham (the Director of ReConnect), Professor Tom Schuller (Working Men’s College), and Jay Derrick (one of the IOE teachers on the course). 

Jay Derrick will highlight the waste of talent created by the barriers to higher education experienced by refugees in his talk. He said: “Thousands of highly skilled and experienced refugees in London can’t get professional jobs because they lack recognised qualifications.  This course helps them to get qualified, gain employment, and contribute to life and learning in London.”

The programme runs three times during the year, in the autumn, spring and summer terms. Each cohort of about 20 students attends one session per week for 10 weeks.  

To apply for this free programme, please contact ReConnect for an application form.

Please contact ReConnect to attend the event.